Podcast #242 // Nicki Koziarz on Comparison and Self Worth

I  am once again honored to have Nicki Koziarz on the show! The last time we spoke, we chatted all about quitting, something I feel like doing all the time. And in this episode we chatted about another thing I do all the time: compare myself to others.

Nicki just wrote a book titled, Why Her?: 6 Truths We Need to Hear When Measuring Up Leaves Us Falling Behind. I find myself comparing myself to others and the success of others all the time and wondering, why her? In this conversation Nicki and I go deep into why we compare ourselves, even when it does not serve us.

To get out of this comparison trap, Nicki and I discuss how to re-frame comparison and strategies, tips, and tricks to work through comparison. We also chat about going back to our truth, finding our worth outside of praise and outcomes.

I got so much about this chat and felt so normalized from this discussion with Nicki. We even found humor, laughing about how neither of us is “cool enough” to have “swipe up” on Instagram and how social media can bring out our worst and best. I hope you enjoy this conversation and feel less alone.

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