Podcast #248 // Dr. Whitney Bowe on the Beauty of Dirty Skin

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Dr. Whitney Bowe is Medical Director of Integrative Dermatology, Aesthetics & Wellness at Advanced Dermatology, P.C., in addition to being a distinguished research scientist and a thought leader in her field. She is one of the most in-demand dermatologists in America and has lent her expertise to programs like Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, The Doctors, and Dr. Oz.
In her new book, The Beauty of Dirty Skin, Dr. Bowe explains the connection between the gut and the brain and spells out the connection between the microbiome—the balance of healthy microorganisms that inhabit your body inside and out—and skin health. In our fun chat all about skin, Dr. Bowe and I discuss what the microbiome is, what the heck are probiotics, and what we can do to get healthy, glowing skin. She also shares her skin care product recommendations!
I loved this fun and engaging chat with Dr. Bowe, not only for her advice on skin care but also for our conversation about confidence and feelin our best. Thank you, Dr. Bowe!

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