Podcast #250 // Shaunti Feldhahn on Finding Rest

May 1st, 2018 Posted by Podcast, The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast 0 thoughts on “Podcast #250 // Shaunti Feldhahn on Finding Rest”

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When I received Shaunti’s book in the mail, Find Rest, I took a deep breath and thought, this woman gets me. I find myself running from one thing to another, always feeling behind, flustered and frustrated, and wishing I could lay down and put my feet up.

If you feel the same, I have the show for YOU! Girl, go lay down!

In this episode, author and speaker Shaunti Feldhahn and I explore what real rest means, how we can get it, and why it’s so important. We also talk about laying down the Super Women myth and truly taking care of ourselves. We also discuss how we can’t be everything to everyone at all times. And those big dreams we have for ourselves take patience.

I loved this episode, and, I can’t lie, I teared up towards the end of the interview when Shaunti shares real truths about ambition and life and learning to surrender and accept the process.

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