Podcast #251 // Naomi Riley on Parenting and Technology

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Confession: at this very moment, as I type these show notes, I am allowing Thomas to watch iPad, so I can edit this show and type up these notes. I want to say that because in this episode, writer Naomi Riley and I talk about parenting and technology, and we discuss the importance of monitoring screen time. But, I also want to be authentic and let you know, I do use screens as needed. And if it’s my sanity or a screen, I pick screen.

But! Naomi isn’t a luddite, and she doesn’t advocate for no screens ever. In her new book, Be the Parent, Please: Stop Banning Seesaws and Start Banning Snapchat, Naomi shares research and her experience with parenting and technology. She offer tips, strategies, and advice for curtailing the reliance on screens. We also have an interesting discussion on boredom and the role being bored plays in a child’s development. Naomi and I also chat about how we very much dislike whining and what we do when our kids want us to be their cruise directors.

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