Podcast #252 // Catherine Middlebrooks on Core Strength for Life

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 Today’s episode was such fun to record! Catherine Middlebrooks of brb Yoga joins me today to chat all about women’s health, post partum, and core strength. Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to a woman about core, and if you’re interested in learning all about the importance of core strength and how to strengthen your core, then this is the show for you! Catherine also shares her career journey that lead her to yoga and specializing in core, and she also discusses why she and her husband decided to pack up their stuff and travel around in an RV…with their two small children!
I loved our open and honest conversation about women’s bodies, the pressure we feel to get back in our “pre-baby” shape, how post-partum is forever, and Catherine’s thoughts on creating your ideal life.
During the show, you’ll hear me mention Catherine’s FB live videos where she demonstrates exercises and chats about core. You can find her on FB here.

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