Podcast #256 // Dorena Williamson on Celebrating Our Differences

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Dorena Williamson is a bridge builder, speaker, writer, mother of four, and worship leader who knows the power and beauty of racial awareness. She and her husband, Dr. Chris Williamson, planted Strong Tower Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee and have spent more than twenty years ministering to its richly diverse faith community.

In this episode Dorena shares her life in ministry, from her life as a minister’s daughter to a minister’s wife. She discusses how she made her role as first lady in her church her own, rather than copying those around her or feeling like she had to present herself a certain way. We also talked about Dorena’s new book, ColorFull, a beautiful story about celebrating our differences. Dorena shared her inspiration behind the book, her thoughts on how to talk to kids about race, and what she hopes kids and parents take away from this story.

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