Podcast #259 // Debbie Augenthaler on Grief, Transformation, and a New Beginning

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Debbie Augenthaler is a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. Her husband, Jim, died suddenly in her arms when she was only 36 years old. He had been healthy and vibrant – the doctors compared the probability of his death by heart attack to being struck by lightning. That lightning strike ended her life as she knew it and thus began the “baptism by fire” that brought her to her new future.

You Are Not Alone is the book she wishes she’d had when she was grieving. With the connection of a shared experience, Debbie guides the reader through grief to transformation and a new beginning.
In this show Debbie and I discuss loss, healing, and her spiritual journey that led her to realize love never dies. Debbie shares what helped her through her grief, how we can help those grieving, and practical thoughts on rebuilding your life after a loss. I loved this conversation with Debbie because we both openly shared our experiences with loss and discusses the importance of letting ourselves grieve our own way. Grief is weird and complicated and never really goes away, but Debbie shares how we can learn to live alongside grief and remember that love never dies.

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