Around Here Lately // Michael’s First Meet and Taylor Swift

July 16, 2018 Life 0

After many nice days in a row, it’s hotter than blazes today! We’ve been lucky since it hasn’t been too terribly hot this summer, but, phew, it was a warm morning at swim practice, and it will be a hot night at tonight’s B Meet.

And speaking of B Meets, Michael swam in his first B Meet last week! He ended up swimming last minute in the Fourth of July Relays, so since he successfully made it across the pool as part of the relay team, we figured he could swim in a B Meet. We asked him, and he said yes! I wasn’t sure if he would end up being too scared to do it, but he surprised us all and enthusiastically made his B Meet debut!

He believes he came in second (#fakenews), but we let him think whatever he wants. He’s proud of himself, and we’re so proud of him!

In other news, we saw Taylor Swift! This was Kate’s first concert, and I took her along with my mom and my sister. It took us over two hours to get there, but Taylor was worth it. She is spectacular! I’ve seen many concerts, but this one ranks up there as one of my favorites. If you can go see her, go. She was well worth it!

This week we aren’t planning to see any famous pop stars. But we are swimming, of course! Here’s what’s been going on around here lately:

Reading The Woman in the Window. I finished Educated last week, and I loved it (it’s hard to read in parts, but I could not put it down).

Watching re-runs of The Office on Netflix. I watched this show when it first came out, but I forgot so much. It’s been fun to watch it again and appreciate the story line anew.

Listening to Forever 35. I love Kate and Doree and their guests. The topic of self-care gets thrown around a lot, and I love how they explore what self care means in different contexts and for different personalities. I was talking to a friend today about being intention setting partners like Kate and Doree are for each other, and I love that idea! Maybe once swim team is over…

Feeling nervous about the fall. I have six weeks left of summer, so six more weeks before life around here changes dramatically. All three kids will be in school every day, all day (meaning from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). I quit my job exactly eight years ago today, so this fall will be the first time in over eight years that I will have a substantial period of time to do…well…I’m not 100% sure, but I’m open to what comes!

Going over and over and over the new choreography for my classes at the gym. I get new material four times a year, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it feels like a lot!

Needing to go through my closet. I’d really love a closet organization system, but that’s not in the cards right now. But I still need to take a look through my stuff and get real about what I actually wear.

Rolling a ball under my shoulder blades because my back and shoulder muscles hurt! I pulled a muscle last week, and it improved quickly, but I still feel tight and achy across my shoulder blades. I’m considering getting a massage, but I’ve never had one, so I’m hesitant!

Eating salads with Tessemae dressing! I LOVE Tessemae’s! It’s the best salad dressing I’ve ever tried. Have you tried Tessemae’s? Do you have a favorite?

Breaking up sibling fight after sibling fight. Or, letting them go at each other like a pack of wolves. I love going to the pool because no one fights at the pool. When we’re at home, the three of them are INSANE. If they aren’t loving each other, they’re going after each other. It’s so draining to listen to them go at it.

Picking up my camera and working on re-starting my weekly vlogs. I love vlogging and making video, but it’s time consuming, and I’m tired from the aforementioned sibling fighting. But, I feel more inspired and more energetic today, so I picked up the camera, and I’m going to work on a vlog for this week.

That’s it for me for this week! Let me know what you’re reading and drinking and eating and thinking about!