Podcast #263 // Eli Jaxon Bear on a Spiritual Revolution

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A deeply personal memoir, An Outlaw Makes It Home, is an odyssey, a journey out, and a return home. Pulling no punches, this candid, compelling and raucous spiritual adventure story, follows Eli Jaxon-Bear on his journey from underground revolutionary to spiritual awakening.

Eli takes us with him from the civil rights marches in Alabama to his time as a federal fugitive during the Vietnam War, from the
uncharted outback of Peru to a monastery in Japan, an initiation into a Sufi clan in Marrakesh, and the streets of India in his quest for a final
teacher. It is here that he meets Papaji, ultimately ending his search for freedom and finally finding true love and fulfillment.

Can sex, drugs and revolution lead to a life of true love and lasting fulfillment? An Outlaw Makes It Home answers this while showing us
the tests and traps that confront all of us as we navigate through life in the search for happiness.

In this episode we discuss Eli’s journey, finding happiness and what happiness means, and his work at the Leela Foundation. We also touch on the enneagram and finding our true selves.

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