Podcast #265 // Rachel Bailey on Redefining Perfect Parenting, Part I


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Today’s guest is my friend and clinical psychologist, Rachel Bailey. Rachel has over 10 years experience working with children, teens, and young adults – and their parents. In this two-part episode, we dive into redefining and normalizing the parenting experience. During this first episode, we discuss Rachel’s approach to parenting, why it’s okay to love your kids but not love parenting, actual words to say and strategies to use during difficult parenting issues like tantrums, our own parenting foibles, and more.

Rachel and I get honest and real about our own “yuck” (Rachel’s great term for how we act “bad” when we feel bad and one of my favorite concepts of hers!) and how we feel better and happier as parents when we let go of needing to be perfect.

We also mention Rachel’s Parenting Academy during our conversation. You can find out more about the Academy and how Rachel can support you here.

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