Around Here Lately // New Starts and Rainy Forecast

September 10, 2018 Life 0

Hello, hello on this dreary Monday. It rained and rained all day Sunday, and today has been rainy, too. There appears to be a potential hurricane threat for this weekend, so I think it will be wet all week. At a minimum, it’s cooler out! As a general rule, I don’t complain about the hot weather because I love summer, and I have some fall anxiety. I don’t do well in the winter months, so the fall isn’t my most favorite time because it means WINTER IS COMING. But, hopefully having the kids in school and a new work routine (plus, my new love, college basketball) will make the winter feel not so bad.

In other news, here’s what’s going on around here lately:

Watching…either The Crown or maybe starting the Ozarks. Or Narcos! We finished Jack Ryan over the weekend, and both Dan and I loved it! Dan will probably want to finish one of our ongoing shows (The Crown) before starting a new show. What have you been watching? Did you watch Jack Ryan? What did you think?

Ordering…MCT oil and mushroom coffee. What?! Just jumping on a bandwagon over here. I’ll report in my thoughts after I’ve had some time to test out this stuff.

Seeing…my family this weekend to celebrate my belated birthday. We had delicious pizza, and my favorite cake from Heidelberg Bakery!

Looking…for a new website theme. I like to change up my site often (at least once a year), and I’m overdue!

Waiting…for my new iPhone! I’m finally up for a new one, and I CANNOT wait! My current phone is acting up, so I cannot wait for a new one. The new specs will be released Wednesday!

Enjoying…writing in this space! I’ve missed regular writing.

Loving…seeing Michael play soccer! This year Michael plays 3-3 (no goalie), so it’s as close to a game as he’s ever played, and he’s loving it! He is a joy to watch.

Feeling…sad because we’re supposed to go to Charlottesville for a football game this weekend, but the weather conditions are not looking good!

Reading…China Rich Girlfriend, and I’m starting Radical Candor.

Adding…lots of stuff to my Athleta cart in anticipation for the Friends and Family sale! The sale runs Thursday through Monday! Check out my picks here.

Wishing you a wonderful week! What are you reading/watching/drinking? I’d love to know!