Around Here Lately // Finding Our Groove

October 1, 2018 Life 0

We’re entering the sixth week of school, and we’re hitting our groove. I spent pretty much the entire summer wringing my hands over Thomas and potty training. At Thomas’s school, all children must be toilet trained. I didn’t want to get into potty training too early in the summer because we were spending nearly every waking minute at the pool, and I didn’t want to have to take him to the yucky locker room 1000x a day (and consequently take my eyes off my other two or forever ask my friends to watch them!). Plus, I’m a firm believer in waiting until kids are ready for really, well, most everything, and I didn’t feel he was ready.

But once August rolled around and swim team was over, I knew it was time. On a wing and a prayer we went diaper-free…and we haven’t turned back! I am worried that writing these words will someone curse me. But I’m writing them in the hopes that if you are also wringing your hands over potty training a toddler before school, girl, I feel you. I’m here for you! I had a lot riding on potty training because Thomas going to this school was my ticket to freedom. And, I’m happy to report, that six weeks in, we’re doing great. Will there be a regression? Maybe. But so far, so good.

Here’s what else is going on around here:

Reading Scrappy Little Nobody. I love Anna Kendrick. Anna, be my friend!

Listening to Spotify’s #ThrowbackThursday mix, and I’m loving it.

Practicing the new BodyStep and BodyPump. As Les Mills instructors, we get new material four times a year, which does not seem like a lot. But some how it feels like every time I turn around I’m learning new stuff!

Meeting some new women entrepreneurs at my AWE meeting. It’s fun to talk to other women in the entrepreneurial space who really get it.

Going round and round on my book outline. I feel like I’m close…and then it alludes me. I’m wondering if I need to seek out some support…or if I’m just not being brave enough to write what I really want to say.

Sharing lots of outfit posts on IG stories. I love clothes. Shopping for clothes is one of my favorite things, and I love sharing what I’m wearing.

What’s are you up to? What are you reading? Drinking pumpkin spice lattes? I only drink my coffee black, so I can’t get behind the pumpkin spice latte, but I support you!