Podcast #272 // Joan Edwards Kay and Debbie Alsdorf on It’s Momplicated

I’m close with my mom, and my relationship with my mom is dear to me. But that doesn’t mean our relationship was always easy. It’s something we work at. As a mother myself, creating a solid relationship with my daughter (and my two boys!) is top of mind for me everyday.

In today’s episode I talk with Debbie Alsdorf and Joan Edwards Kay about their new book, It’s Momplicated: Hope and Healing for Imperfect Daughters of Imperfect Mothers. Joan and Debbie share their stories about their relationships with their mothers, and how those relationships impacted them as adults. We discuss healing from past wounds, breaking the cycle of negative and/or harmful relationship patterns, tools and exercises to cope with anxiety from relationship wounds, and how to be the mother you want to be.

While we touch on painful issues in this episode, this show is also encouraging and honest about motherhood and how we can challenge our core beliefs to repair ourselves and our relationships. We also touch on self-care and the importance of making time for ourselves, so we can be the mother we want to be.

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