Podcast #276 // Kristen Carbone on Preventative Mastectomies, Body Image, & Thriving After Life Changes

In 2013, Kristen had a preventative mastectomy and reconstruction after losing her own mother to breast cancer years earlier. Healing was a journey through sometimes crippling loneliness, nagging body image issues, and a full spectrum of uncomfortable sensations.

After learning that she wasn’t alone in these experiences, the foundation of Brilliantly, her brand and product (to be launched in late 2018) was born. Brilliantly empowers women to embrace their new self by linking resiliency with comfort, vitality, and community.

Her hope is that Brilliantly will both offer support to the women who are walking in an immensely isolating and underserved part of the breast cancer journey and will also have an emotional impact that extends to their families, friends, and communities.

In this conversation we discuss why Kristen elected to have a preventative mastectomy, how she came to make that decision, her advice to others considering mastectomies, coming to terms with her new body, and asking for help. This was such an inspiring interview. Kristen’s positive spirit and real talk is so encouraging.

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