Podcast #279 // Jonni Pollard on the Golden Sequence

Who are we? Why do we behave the way we do? What truly fulfills us?

We are a generation trying to make sense of the world and find our purpose. At the same time, we are constantly battling an age that drowns us with information, in a society that has become conditioned to be mistrusting and cynical. Despite this, our hearts still yearn to connect more deeply and feel like we belong to a world that is compassionate and loving.

The Golden Sequence by Jonni Pollard is a response to the greatest need of our time – reclaiming the power of our humanity. Through his genuine, essential lessons, Pollard presents a powerful case that the current global crisis is rooted in our disconnection from our true purpose and responsibility to belong.

Most self-help books trap readers in isolated victimhood, focusing on the person they ought to be rather than seeing the power already present inside. Based on ancient Vedic teachings, re-envisioned for a 21st Century mindset, Pollard’s book provides a practical blueprint to owning one’s purpose and power.

Jonni is best known for bringing meditation to the mainstream through his organization, 1 Giant Mind and its Learn to Meditate smartphone app. As one of the top rated meditation apps, 1 Giant Mind has taught hundreds of thousands of people worldwide how to meditate for free. He is also recognized for leading mass meditations at some of the world’s biggest lifestyle events and festivals (Wanderlust, Lightning in a Bottle, The Big Quiet). Jonni also teaches private meditation and personal development for entrepreneurs, CEOs, celebrities, political leaders and wellness experts across yoga and meditation. Born and raised in Australia, Jonni also has lived in Los Angeles and India, and now currently resides in New York City.