Podcast #284 // Introducing Kitchen Table Talk + Meet Sarah and Dan

Welcome to Season 6 of the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast, now re-tooled as Kitchen Table Talk with Sarah R. Bagley! So why the change and what is Kitchen Table Talk? Since I’m back to work full time and taking classes, I wasn’t sure how I would keep up with interviews, and I was feeling like I wanted to make a change to the show. In our family, we spend a lot of time sitting and talking around the kitchen table. It’s where we share about our days, our highs and lows, what’s on our minds, and our deep thoughts. I’m passionate about honest conversations because it’s those honest conversations that allow for true connection.

For at least this next season, I am hosting conversations I’m calling Kitchen Table Talk and bringing on Dan, my kids, my mom, and other special guests to share real conversations. Please leave me a comment or email me at sarah@bagley.org with your questions or topics you’d like me to discuss!

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