Podcast #285 // Kitchen Table Talk with Kate

On this episode of Kitchen Table Talk my daughter, Kate, joins me to talk all about being eight-years-old. We discussed what it’s like to be the oldest, what she likes and doesn’t like about third grade, and what she’s into. She and I also talk about our mother-daughter relationship, what she thinks about me working, and what she thinks about growing up. Kate weighs in on taking on more responsibility, what she’s learning about in school, and what she wants adults to know about what it’s like to be a kid. We also discuss Kate’s love for technology and what she thinks she might want to do when she grows up.

I loved Kate’s take on what it means to grow up and what she thinks about me working. Often I find, as a parent, I’m hard on myself or worry about the choices I’ve made. But, as you can hear on this podcast, I think she’s plenty well-adjusted even though I work, take time for myself, and set limits.

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