Around Here Lately // Teacher Style and Homework

January 21, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Beatrice looks like she has a case of the Mondays in that picture! We all had today off for MLK, and this Friday the kids are off for a teacher work day, so it’s a short week around here.

I am plugging away on my assignments for school. The three I needed to complete this weekend were in depth and took my longer than the previous assignments. I also know myself as a student, and I tend to over do things. So, I possible did more than I needed to, but I tend to get into the content and before I know it, hours and several pages later I realize I need to be wrapping up this assignment!

I’m still loving my job, and I find I’m excited to get to work each day. I’ve also been listening to lots of teacher podcasts, watching teaching related YouTube videos, and reading lots of teaching blogs. The other day I felt exhausted after taking in all this information! I cannot wait to try out all sorts of things in my English class next year…and I know I need to pace myself since next year will be challenging.

Here’s what else is going on around here:

Reading Nine Perfect Strangers and I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter. I am nearly done with I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, and I cannot put it down. This book has it all – family issues, mental health issues, socio-economic issues. And it’s well written. I am also enjoying Nine Perfect Strangers; I’m not quite half way there, but this story also seems to take on some tough issues. I hope to finish at least one this week.

Loving putting together outfits every day. I have always loved style, but so many of my clothes went unworn because when I was home with the kids I never bothered to put together much of an outfit. Now that I go to work everyday, I have a reason to be more intentional with my clothing and style. I love putting together all the pieces, including earrings and necklaces and a fragrance. When I feel put together, I feel ready to take on the day. I’m sharing my teacher style posts on Instagram, so come find me over there for style pictures during the week.

Listening to the decade channels on Spotify. I cannot get enough of the 70s channel. I turned it on in one of my classes the other day, and, sadly, my kids didn’t like it. Ha! I am not deterred. I will try again!

Enjoying my Apple Watch! I’ve been hemming and hawing over the Apple Watch for years, but this year it made sense with my new job, and I love it! It’s fun to track my exercise, sleep, breathing, heartrate, steps, etc… This thing can’t believe how often I stand. HA! If you have an Apple Watch, do you have apps for it that you love? Please share!

Working on paper after paper for my teaching program. The content is interesting, and since I work at the high school, applicable every day. I’ve also done a little research into a Ph.D. program in educational leadership…

Now I’m off to pack my lunch and snacks and tea and set out my outfit for tomorrow. It’s going to be in the teens and low 20s tomorrow! Yikes! Tell me something interesting about your week!