Podcast #286 // What Is It Like To Be A Working Dad

I’m asked all the time about how I manage our kids, the house, my creative projects, work, etc…as a working mother. But, I’ve never heard anyone ask my husband what it’s like to be a working dad.

Why is that?

On this episode, Dan and I discuss what it’s like for him to be the breadwinner, how he viewed his parents roles growing up, his role in our family, his involvement in our family life, and how he doesn’t hide that he’s a dad.

Dan discusses why he doesn’t feel guilty about not going to things like the kindergarten party or the third grade share, and how he does not worry about other people judging him as a father or husband. We both chat about why other parents will ask him where I am if he is somewhere alone with the kids, but no one asks where he is when I’m alone with the kids. And how people act like he deserves a medal when he goes to Costco alone with the kids, but when I go out with the kids, it’s just what mothers do.

We also chat about how we work as a team to support each other and whatever needs to be done for our family. We both hope that in the future norms change about how society views mothers and fathers.