Podcast #287 // All About Communication

In this episode, Dan and I are talking all about communication. Dan came up with this topic, and I jumped on the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite topics! I love talking, I love discussing, I love communication!

We share our thoughts on communication as kids, how we communicated in the early years of our relationship, our hardest period of communication, and how our communication has changed over time.

Dan and I feel that while we aren’t perfect, we are strong communicators. We share the importance of asking for what we need, being clear, speaking up, and not keeping score. Overall we agree that we can’t expect either one of us to be a mind reader, and we also believe in communicating frequently to stay connected.

Dan also recounts an embarrassing story about me early on in our relationship before we learned to fight fair. It involved slamming doors. 😉 Not my finest moment!

I’d love to know your thoughts on communication! Share them in the comments or email me at sarah@bagley.org.