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A Purposeful Week, Vol. 13 // Spring (NO) Break

March 26th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “A Purposeful Week, Vol. 13 // Spring (NO) Break”

Hello, hello. I hope spring has sprung where you are! Not so much here…

Well, that was from last week. And, yes, it has mostly melted. But it was still a cool 28 degrees this morning! This photo of Thomas sums up my feelings:

Anyway! This week is spring break, and I’m starting down the barrel of three kids at home from today, Monday, until next Tuesday. Knowing that I pulled together a group of gals on Sunday to make wooden signs at Board and Brush. I knew I would need some preemptive self-care before spring (no) break.

This was my first time, and I am obsessed! I’m already planning a date night there with Dan, another gals get-together, and maybe I’ll go alone! I am over the moon for this place. If you have one near you, GO!

I also spent some time watching Call the Midwife. I just love this show. It’s heartwarming, and I love how the show explores all the different facets of love.

Here’s how I sneak in some self-care. I turn on Paw Patrol or a whatever for the kids on the big TV, and I sit with them, but I’m watching my show on the iPad with ear buds. Win-win!

Let’s move on to intentions. Last week I wanted to:

+Pair down my list of commandments to about 12

Nope. I didn’t even get a chance to review my list.

+Work in my Happy Planner Wellness Extension Pack


+Create my dot journal


+Try, try again with the simple habit app

Yes! I did one 5 minute meditation.

+Write up a post about my Tower of Self Care


Okay, moving on to this week. I was about to not even write this post. And I was also about to say I only have one intention since it’s spring (no) break. But I think I can do better that that. Maybe. 😉

Here’s what I’d like to do:

+Create some sort of creativity journal

+Set up a spa like experience in my bathroom


+Finish my commandments

+Write up my manifesto

+Plan a date night with Dan

Here’s my guiding thought of the week for this spring (no) break:

“Be still and know…” from Psalm 46:10.

I’m not religious. But I love this sentiment. It can go so many ways! I tend to not be still because I don’t want to hear my thoughts. But, there is a lot to be known in the stillness….

Have a great week! What are you working on this week?

A Purposeful Week, Vol. 12 // Practice and All Is Coming

March 19th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “A Purposeful Week, Vol. 12 // Practice and All Is Coming”

What can I say? We were a sad group of Hoos over here on Friday night. Sadly, our beloved #1 Seed Cavaliers fell in the first round of the NCAA tournament…to the #16 Seed. Whomp, whomp.

As a fan, I’m proud of this team. This lost did not take away from their incredible season. They’ve been a joy to watch. Their chemistry, athleticism, and dedication showed up in all that they did. And they’re a sweet group of kids to boot. So they lost. And, yes, lost in a big, and some would say humiliating way. But. I am here to say I am no fair-weather fan. You win some. You lose some. And they had to lose on the biggest stage. I commend them, and I hope they don’t hang their heads for too long because they’re accomplishments speak for themselves.

Moving on! Since we were up late Friday night, some of us (Dan, Thomas, Bea, and myself) took a glorious afternoon nap on Saturday. Is there anything like an afternoon nap?! And then we met up with my parents for dinner at a local brew pub. Oh, and I forgot it was St. Patrick’s Day…so it was totally crazy but a yummy dinner. On Sunday we took the kids to see the Harlem Globetrotters. So fun! I’ve never been. It was a blast, and the kids loved it. Definitely worth seeing.

And now it’s Monday, and it’s time for me to set my intentions for the week. This week, I’m using this quote by Guru Pattabhi Jois: “Practice and all is coming.”

I love this quote because it ties in with my word for the year, santosha. To me, santosha is all about acceptance, which is hard for me because I have a lot of ideas, a lot of energy, and I want to see that all come to fruition now. But that’s not how life works.

Here’s how I did with last week’s intentions for my self-care:

+Create a personal list of commandments

I have a HUGE list that I’m currently pairing down…

+Use my Happy Planner Wellness Extension Pack

Boo! I didn’t get to this.

+Start a bullet journal to chronicle lists, ideas, gratitude, and journaling

I didn’t start it, but I did finish the book I bought on how to do it! I read Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide, and I enjoyed her thoughts on keeping a journal, and it’s definitely something I want to do.

+Try Simple Habit app

Nope…but I did work a lot on mindfulness. Every time I felt my brain start down a path that didn’t serve me, I worked hard to notice those thoughts and pick a new way to go.

Her are my self-care intentions for this week:

+Pair down my list of commandments to about 12

+Work in my Happy Planner Wellness Extension Pack

+Create my dot journal

+Try, try again with the simple habit app

+Write up a post about my Tower of Self Care

That’s what I’m doing this week to connect with myself! What’s on your self-care intention list?

Around Here // Thoughts on Mindfulness, Documenting Days, and the Exhale Community

March 16th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “Around Here // Thoughts on Mindfulness, Documenting Days, and the Exhale Community”

Happy Friday! I’m excited to see the Hoos play tonight…at 9:20 p.m. Oh, boy. That’s my bedtime! I will need to take a quick nap, so I can keep my eyes open. How is your bracket going? Even though U.Va. lost it’s 6th Man, I still believe in them! Go, Hoos, go!

I’ve been able to hold on to my mantra this week, so that feels like a win. There were several times when I felt my thoughts drift towards the negative or jealousy or extreme frustration, and I was able to take a good breath and ask myself, is this how you want to feel?

No, I don’t want to feel jealous or angry or frustrated. I want to feel joyous and bright and full of light and spreading warmth. Just realizing what I’m doing and making a conscious choice to feel another way makes me feel 100% better.

Also, reconnecting with writing and my thoughts makes me feel like a whole woman. Honestly, I’ve been feeling dead inside lately. That sounds dramatic, I know. And I know I’m certainly not the only person to go through hard seasons. I’ve been hesitant to share my feelings because I know my hard is no where near the hard of others. But a wise friend told me, your hard is hard, and her hard is hard. And sometimes it helps if we share our hard, and maybe we can feel less alone.

And what’s helped with my writing is joining the new Coffee + Crumbs community, Exhale. I’m always hesitant to join things online, but I was at the point that I would do pretty much anything to get my creativity firing again. So I joined, and I’ve been enjoying it! If you’re looking for a way to fire up those creative muscles, give it a try. I like that it’s month-to-month (or if you’re feeling good about it, you can join for the whole year), so you can try it out and see if it works for you.

I also participated in Day in the Life (hosted by Ali Edwards) this week. I love this project. So often I find I just grind through my days, not paying attention, always watching the clock and counting down until bedtime. This project forces me to see my day through a new lens, literally and figuratively! Ali is hosting Week in the Life in May, and I’m eager to participate in that project, too. I believe I’ve participated every year since…at least 2010. I encourage you to do it, too! You don’t need to document every single second. I find it’s a great way to examine your life and routines.

And now I’m off to pour myself another cup of coffee, enjoy a visit from a good friend, and, hopefully, work on my mindfulness bullet journal! Have a great weekend!

A $43 Paw Patrol Boat and the Kindness of Other Mothers

March 14th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “A $43 Paw Patrol Boat and the Kindness of Other Mothers”

“Just get it. Go ahead. No judgement here.”

Near tears I hoisted a $43 Paw Patrol Sea Cruiser into my Target cart. “Thanks, mamas,” I said, turning out of the aisle with Thomas skipping ahead, pumping his little fists in the air, squealing “yay, yay, yay!”

How did I become this person? This parent who buys a $43 Paw Patrol boat for no reason at all? Well, there was a reason. I wanted to buy myself peace.

Like most people, I had an idea of the type of parent I was going to be before I became a parent. It’s so trite, right? Where all us parents scoff at soon-to-be parents and say (or mutter under our breath) just you wait.

I had an idea of who I would be. Strict, like my parents. Controlling screen time. Never, ever giving in to whining. Certainly no gifts outside of birthdays or Christmas. No way would I bribe my kids.

Almost eight years and three kids later, I do all these things:

+I let my kids eat Cheez Its for breakfast.

+I bribe them.

+I whip out that iPad when I need to buy myself a moment’s peace.

+I pick my battles and give in way more than I thought I would.

+I let them play with the toys at the pediatrician’s office (and they’ve also been known to LICK THE FLOOR.).

+I let them eat food that’s fallen on the ground. Outside.

And, apparently, I buy a $43 Paw Patrol Sea Cruiser when I am willing to pay for a moment’s peace.

So I do all those things. But I also let them be bored and won’t give the iPads. I continue doing what I need to do, laundry, dishes, wiping counters while they scream they are BORED. I tell them I’m not their cruise director, and I listen to the whining and fussing and screaming until they get bored enough to come up with something else to do.

And, yes, sometimes I buy my peace for $43.

And sometimes I feel like I’m the only one. At preschool drop off it sure seems like those moms are better than me. It feels like judgement when my son shows up in shorts when there is snow on the ground because I’m not about to fight about clothes. I’m a bad mom who gives in while all the other moms are enriching their kids and setting firm limits. And I’m over here whipping out iPads and hiding in the bathroom.

But not that day at Target.

That day at Target three other moms stood around me in the Paw Patrol aisle. And I said: “I’m buying this $43 Paw Patrol Sea Cruiser because I need moment’s peace.” And all three of those moms nodded in agreement. “Go ahead,” that one mom said, another mom of three. “Get it, it’s fine. We’ve all been there.” They all nodded in solidarity. And I walked out of Target a boat owner with a content and happy toddler. A more than a few moments peace.

A Purposeful Week, Vol. 11 // I am Calm and Non-Reactive

March 12th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “A Purposeful Week, Vol. 11 // I am Calm and Non-Reactive”

Hello, hello! It’s a gloomy Monday here in the DC area. But, on the plus side, we missed a potential snow storm. I’ll take gloomy over snow. I’m not one for cold weather, and I won’t be sad to see winter go. And even though I’m feeling a little tired, I’m happy for daylight savings because it means the sun is out past 5 p.m.! Hooray! I am like a plant. I need sun to survive. How about you? Are you happy to see it’s lighter later?

Daylight savings also means spring is coming, I cannot believe we’re nearly to mid-March, and speaking of March…March Madness! I didn’t even know there were five players to a basketball team until this season. Truly, I possessed the most minimum amount of basketball knowledge one could possess. Until this season! I hail from the University of Virginia, home of the ACC Champions! I’m not sure how I got into watching basketball this season, but somehow I did, and I am HOOKED. I can’t explain how I went from didn’t-even-know-it-was-basketball-season to WORLDS-BIGGEST-FAN, but it happened.

Anyway, Dan and I’ve been enjoying watching the games together, and we spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday rooting for the Hoos. This is such a sweet team of guys, and I’m so happy for them. Now I will be breathing into a paper bag for the next three weeks as we head into NCAA play.

Switching gears, last week I remembered my favorite mantra: I am calm and non-reactive. A couple of years ago, I found that the stress of three little kids made me reactive and screamy. Every tantrum, every fight, every crying episode set me on edge, and I was resorting to yelling. Yelling has never created the outcome I want. I have to get louder to be heard, they also increase their volume, and we’re all screaming and being ineffective.

Instead, I made myself this mantra: I am calm and non-reactive. So when my kids are screaming at each other and no one will put their shoes on, I start saying my mantra in the calmest yet most commanding way possible. It confuses my kids enough to make them stop harassing each other and look at me, and it keeps me calm, so I can be more effective. I can’t manage it every time, but if I can remember to be calm and non-reactive most times, I think that’s a win.

On a related note, Kate heard a quote by the Dalai Lama at school, and she came home fired up about the Dalai Lama and wanting to make a project. So I took her to the library for a few books on Buddhism and the Dalai Lama, Staples for a poster, and Michaels for stick on letters, and she made this poster all on her own. I didn’t know Dalia Lama meant “ocean of knowledge,” but I love it. And I love seeing Kate dive in to topics that interest her.

And speaking of the Dalai Lama and peace and mindfulness, here’s what I plan to do to create a mindful and intentional week:

+Create a personal list of commandments

+Use my Happy Planner Wellness Extension Pack

+Start a bullet journal to chronicle lists, ideas, gratitude, and journaling

+Try Simple Habit app

And, in light of Kate’s Dalai Lama project, here is my guiding thought of the week:

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” – Dalai Lama

I love this quote both for it’s meaning and because it pairs nicely with my mantra of “calm and non-reactive.”

Do you have a mantra? Are you happy it’s daylight savings? Which team are you rooting for during March Madness?

A Purposeful Week, Vol. 10 // Practicing Mindfulness

January 22nd, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “A Purposeful Week, Vol. 10 // Practicing Mindfulness”

Hey, Monday! And it’s nearly 60 degrees out! That’s my kind of January. We had a pretty good weekend, a good mix of getting things done and resting. I find the weekends can be a hard balance between those two things: productivity and rest. We don’t usually hit it, but when we do, it’s so nice!

We capped off the weekend watching the U.Va. vs. Wake Forest game. We’ve gotten really into college basketball, and it’s so much fun to watch the Hoos. Dan and I both graduated from U.Va., and it’s so fun to cheer on the team. I have a post brewing on this I hope to write this week.

So here we are, back at it. The kids have another short week this week, a half-day Thursday, no school Friday, and no school Monday. I’m tempering my expectations given those day off of school. Before I set this week’s intentions, here’s how last week went:

+Try a new salad

I did this…and it turned out…yuck. I’m not sure what went wrong, but I will try again.

+Work on hand lettering

Whomp, whomp. Nope.


Yes and no. I got a lot of good thinking done on what I want to try and some material outlined. Some is better than none!

+Make a video/FB live

No. I did my weekly vlog, but that’s it.

+Start meditation practice

No…and yes. I didn’t use any app or sit in silence. But I did realize I do have a meditation practice. I walk Beatrice every morning, alone, in the dark, quiet break of day, and I realized that time is a meditation. I’ve been listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and contemplating all the wisdom in those talks on happiness, love, the soul, God, etc… I think that counts! I certainly feel more mindful and it creates a sense of peace in my day. That being said, I would like to create an additional practice, but my walks are good for now.

About half way through the week last week I realized I wasn’t accomplishing these tasks. But I was accomplishing a whole bunch of other things I didn’t list out. And then I realized the whole point of being purposeful is to consider with care what I’m doing and why. And I did do that.

Do you beat yourself up over tasks and to-dos? I do. But I’m working on adjusting as necessary, remembering santosha, and, knowing there is always tomorrow!

For this week, I want to think more about tapping into my why. Why I create digital content, why I do the things I do, etc… I find when I just fly from one thing to the next, I’m not present at all. And when I’m not present, I don’t digest any part of my day, find gratitude, or, really, act effectively.

Here’s what I want to do this week:

+Create a personal list of commandments

+Use my planners

+Start a gratitude journal

+Try Simple Habit app

What are you working on this week? How do you stay purposeful?

A Purposeful Week, Vol. 9 // January Doldrums

January 15th, 2018 Posted by Life 1 thought on “A Purposeful Week, Vol. 9 // January Doldrums”

This past weekend I ate out with friends not once but twice! So, so nice to sit without anyone in my lap, order delicious food that is brought to me, eat with two hands, and enjoy adult conversations about topics that matter. So, so good. I told my mastermind group last week that I felt dead inside (a post for another day), so fueling up with time away from home with people I love to spend time with felt comforting and affirming and filled up my cup.

And, now it’s Monday. Whomp, whomp! It’s not that I don’t like Mondays. But I like my routine (sometimes) and structure (sometimes). But I don’t love the go-go-go of the week. Getting out the door on time and homework and no break from childcare drags me down. I’m trying to find ways to take care of myself more/better during the week, so I’m not so burned out by Friday.

The kids are off school for MLK, but I still have stuff to do. So no shame in my iPad game today. After a warm Friday (nearly 70 degrees!), it’s a chilly 15 degrees out today. I can’t wait for warm weather, so the kids can play at the park and run off steam. But, for now, we’re watching iPads and playing Chutes and Ladders and wandering around Target to pass the time.

Anyway. The cold and the dark and the doldrums are hitting me hard, so I’m focusing on staying mindful this week. Instead of focusing on how many months (weeks, days, HOURS) until the pool opens and the sun comes out and we’re not stuck inside, I’m going to work on thinking about what I can do to make this time more enjoyable, how I can incorporate more self-care on the daily, so I don’t feel the need to escape my life, and how I can try some novel activities because I feel my best when I’m trying new things.

Here’s what I’d like to do this week:

+Try a new salad

I’ve been eating the same salad for months and months and months. And I’m gagged out on it. I have a couple recipes to try/adapt to my liking.

+Work on hand lettering

Kim and I took a brush script class last year, and it was so much fun. And then I promptly did nothing with it. I love looking at hand lettering, I love purchasing hand lettered things. And I have more than enough supplies to do it myself.


I feel my best when I write. However, I spend a lot of time self-editing in my mind and worrying about how readers could perceive something I write. So I don’t. And then I feel dead inside. And/or I hold on to my ideas because I’m “saving” them. OMG. Saving ideas? Just no.

+Make a video/Facebook Live

I’ve been keeping up with my weekly vlogs, which I love, but I’d also like to do another type of video. I have a few ideas, so hopefully I can record something else this week.

+Start my meditation practice

I have a couple apps to try out, so what I really need is to figure out when in my day this will work. I’m thinking while Thomas naps and Michael has his quiet time. I’ll give that timing a whirl and see if it works.

Of course I’ll also be working on my daily grind tasks of laundry and cleaning and such. But I’m hoping these other activities help me stay mindful and ameliorate those winter doldrums.

What are you working on this week? Do you get the winter blues? How do you deal with it?

Goals, Thoughts, and Intentions on 2018

January 8th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “Goals, Thoughts, and Intentions on 2018”

I believe you can have a fresh start whenever you want one. I also believe in taking my time, especially when it comes to setting goals and intentions. When thinking about what I want to accomplish, I’m careful to not set myself up for failure. I like to think about what I might like to do, ruminate on those ideas, and make changes.

I’ve spent the past couple weeks thinking about 2018, and what this year will look like. Come September of 2018, all three kids will be in school everyday. But that means for the first eight months of the year, I will have kids in tow. That means I need to be wise when thinking about what I can truly accomplish.

With that in mind, I created some concrete and some more loosey-goosey intentions that I can alter to fit whatever is going on in my life. Overall, I my theme is: create, connect, community. I’m going to think about how to be creative, connect more, and develop community through the lens of santosha, my word for the year.

Here’s what I’m working on this year:


-Find a sitter

Dan and I hardly ever go out because by the time we think about it, it’s often too late. We are fortunate to have our parents near by, but they have lives, too! I also need help during the week here and there, so I can record podcasts, write, and meet with my networking group. I’m excited because I already made progress on this goal! I met with a lovely young lady yesterday who also just wants hours here and there, so I think we could be a good fit!

-Family fun

With kids ages 7, 4, and 2, we struggle to find things to do that we can all enjoy. Often activities are too babyish for Kate and too much for Thomas. The only activity we all love is the pool, but we can’t do that year round (hello 18 degrees!). Any suggestions???

-Date nights (or day dates)

As I mentioned, Dan and I hardly get out. It’s not that we don’t want to. It’s more that we’re just surviving day to day and forget that we haven’t been out in a while until one of us says, hey, when was the last time we ate dinner out, alone, with two hands where some kid wasn’t sitting in our laps/trying to smack us in the face with food? We’re also looking into planning a trip away for just the two of us in the fall of 2018, and before that, hopefully a few fun things like concerts and basketball game tickets.

-Hit our monthly savings goals

Dan is looking into a way to get our money program on our phones, so we can help each other track our spending. We like to use discrete categories, so we know where the money goes. For instance, when I go to Target, I might get a birthday gift for a kid in Kate’s class, a mascara, some Method granite cleaner, a lamp, and some RX bars. But when it hits the credit card, I’m all, I don’t know?! With the app, we hope to better track our categories. You manage what you measure!



-Publish regular blog posts

Writing has always been and will probably always be my favorite form of expression. When I can’t write regularly, I feel like I’m creatively dying inside. More on this later.

Also, anything in particular you want to read?

-Continue my podcast schedule

I’m also going to try out a some different types of podcasting content like solo shows, brining my mom back on, having Dan on, etc…

-Add video content

I’m loving making vlogs. Any other videos you want to see? Also, check out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

-Share my content

I’m so caught up in creating my content (my favorite thing to do!) that I forget or just don’t know how to share it.

-Find an agent

I’ve been working on a book for several years, and it’s just about done. I wrote my proposal, and now it’s time to shop it.


I’m the Vienna-Tysons Chapter lead of Awesome Women Entrepreneurs, and I love this role because networking is my passion! I want to work on growing this chapter and growing my network in general. I’m also part of a new mastermind group – a dream come true! So I want to make the most out of that group.



-Watch for burnout/self-care routines

I spin multiple plates all day, every day. Between learning choreography for my group fitness classes while I clean the shower while I’m on a conference call all while Thomas and Michael run around destroying my house is not ideal. I can keep it up for a time. And then I burn out.

I’m working on creating some self-care rituals to help keep burn out at bay. Some ideas include taking baths, meditation, getting a pedicure, and scheduling time for coffee/lunch/dinner dates with friends.

-Connect, connect, connect

I hardly ever get out. I had lunch with a friend about two weeks ago. And before that, I cannot remember the last time I saw a friend. Bad! I love and NEED to connect with friends, but I hardly ever do because they’re busy, and I always have a kid in tow. The longer I go without seeing a friend, the deeper I sink into funks.

This is a hard “goal” because unlike my other goals, it requires other people’s cooperation and interest. I dislike setting goals that require other people because I can only control me. I can’t make people go out to lunch with me. 😉

I’m not sure how to go about this goal given that everyone is busy, and scheduling time to meet up feels insurmountable. So I’m just going to reach out to a bunch of people, and even if it takes a couple weeks to find a date that works, that’s better than nothing!

-Explore health and fitness in a new way

I’ve been teaching group fitness for six years, and the longer I’ve taught, the more formats I’ve added, the more I’ve had to learn, and the more classes I’ve taught. Once I started teaching, I could take less classes because between learning and teaching, there isn’t much more time!

This year I want to push my exercise comfort zone a bit when it comes to take and teaching classes. I’m expanding my teaching to kid’s yoga – I signed up to take Kidding Around Yoga training in February. I’ve had the opportunity to do yoga in Kate’s classroom, and I enjoyed it. I’m exciting to take this training, and to teach this class in my community.

I’m also in a food rut. I eat healthily 80%-90% of the time. But I’m bored with my current food routine. I want to explore more variety, and I’m also interested in juicing – not as a meal replacement, but as a supplement. I ordered an inexpensive juicer and a juice book from one of my favorite YouTubers, Megan Roosevelt. Any tips?

-Read 50 books

I’ve never kept track of how much I’ve read in a year. I do read all the time, and reading is an important part of my life, so I want to be more intentional about tracking, so I can see how much I read, what kids of books, and where I should read more. Are you on Goodreads? Connect with me!


I’m going to take the rest of the month to reflect on these goals, see where I can make some progress, and decide if I need to make any changes.

For me, the best way I know how to accomplish goals is two-fold:

-Change goals/delete goals that no longer serve me.

-Focus on the process over outcome.

What are you taking on in 2018? How do you plan to work towards your intentions?

One Little Word 2018: Santosha

January 1st, 2018 Posted by Life 1 thought on “One Little Word 2018: Santosha”

I love personality tests. On the Myers-Briggs, I’m an ENFJ. On the Enneagram, I’m a 3, The Achiever. Sounds good, right? Well. Turns out my biggest asset is also my biggest weakness, as assets tend to be.

I love achieving. It feels so good! But what happens when circumstances are outside of my control? When I can’t make the outcome I desire? When I work hard and hustle, and, still, things don’t go my way?

That’s where I fall apart. And become absolutely miserable to be around.

Last year I went through my 200 hour yoga teacher training. The thing I took from the training the most wasn’t the poses but rather the mindset. I got really into the eightfold path and the concept the yamas and niyamas. And the word santosha stood out to me and blazed a hole in my head.

Santosha, according to several sources, is the concept of complete contentment. No, not laziness or giving up. But rather acceptance. That worth doesn’t have to do with outcome. That achievement isn’t all there is.

So much of my unhappiness stems from feeling discontent. Here’s a sampling of my daily self-talk (and also talk I say to my family and close friends):

I don’t have enough time!

I’ll never be good enough!

I’m unworthy.

No one likes me.

I’m not strong enough.

I can’t do that well enough.

I’m too fat.

My quads are too big.

I’m ugly.

I’m a bad writer.

I think you get the idea.

If something doesn’t match up for me, then BOOM! I’M THE WORST AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN SAY TO CHANGE MY MIND!

Phew. How exhausting. Living like this has taught me two things:

There is no THERE. There is no where to be except dead. I’m in no hurry to get to death. So every day doesn’t have to be about achieving mythical goals. Instead, it could be about the process of LIVING.

Also, one of my highest values is CONNECTION. I love to love on my family and close friends. I want to shower them with love. I also want to be a source of light and love in the world because that’s just good. But, if I’m too busy hating on myself over and over and over, then I do not have love to give. You cannot give what you don’t have.

My intention with santosha is to see how I can live in a dichotomy of ambition and contentment. My hope is through loosening the grip on outcomes, I find more peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Did you pick a word for 2018? What did you pick? How do you plan to use your word throughout the year?

A Purposeful Week, Vol 8 // The Cast is Off

December 11th, 2017 Posted by Life 1 thought on “A Purposeful Week, Vol 8 // The Cast is Off”

The spica cast is off! I feel relief. And I feel high anxiety. I’m worried Thomas will re-injure his leg. The orthopedist told me he’d never seen a re-break (KNOCK ON WOOD), but I can’t help but feel anxious as I see him tear around the house with Michael.

His doctor didn’t prescribe him PT, but we are back in the pool. Swimming is the perfect way to get those muscles back in action. I took him to swim with Nancy on Saturday morning, and we got him kicking and bending his knee. His knee seems like it’s the biggest issue because he wasn’t able to bend it for so long, so his muscles are tight around that knee joint.

So, more water therapy! Luckily, he’s obsessed with the pool and loves his lessons (and Nancy!). If you’re local, go check out Machine. It’s where we swim, and the instructors are the best.

Okay, moving on to my weekly purposeful to-do list. Here’s what I wanted to do last week:

Home and Family:

+Keep staying on top of laundry.

YEP! This is going well. Staying on top of our laundry is no small accomplishment.

+Clean the bathrooms



Dan did the main level! Thanks, Dan!

+Wash the floors.

Dan did the main level. Thanks again!

Blog/Podcast/Video Work:

+December and January content calendar.


+Do at least one Facebook Live.


+Film a weekly vlog.


+Film at least one other type of video.

No. 🙁

+Write blog posts.

Nope, nope.

+Revisit my book proposal.

Ah. Nope.

Freelance Work:

+Get website edits.


+Work on content calendar.



+Decide on word for 2018 (I’m 99% sure I’m there).


+Decide on Christmas gifts for my parents, Dan’s parents, and sibling.

Yes! I decided on them. I just need to pick up two things.

+Gifts for teachers.

Yes and no. Michael, yes. Kate, no.

+Help Kate with her Gift from the Heart project for school.

Yes! And it’s DONE!

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish this week:

Home and Family:

+Keep staying on top of laundry.

+Clean the bathrooms

+Vacuum upstairs

+Wash the bathroom floors.

Blog/Podcast/Video Work:

+December and January content calendar

+Film a weekly vlog

+Write blog posts

+Revisit my book proposal

Freelance Work:

+Get website edits.

+Work on content calendar.


+Decide how to focus on my word for 2018.

+Pick up last two gifts.

+Gifts for Kate’s teacher

+Do my best at BootCamp Training

And that’s feels like enough for this week. What’s on your to-do list?

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