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Around Here Lately // Athleta Sisters and Lots of Swim

July 23rd, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “Around Here Lately // Athleta Sisters and Lots of Swim”

Hello, hello on this gloomy Monday in Northern Virginia. Yuck is the only way to described this weather. It’s been pouring on and off since Saturday. Truthfully, we did need the rain. It hasn’t rained in weeks, and our grass was turning yellow. But, phew, it’s POURING out there now! Bea and I got stuck in the downpour this morning during our walk! The kids are supposed to have an inner-squad meet tonight, but by the looks of the weather, I’m not sure about that!

This past week I was able to meet up with my fellow Athleta brand ambassadors for lunch and sisterhood. Initially I wasn’t going to be able to make it since Dan was out of town, and I didn’t have anyone to watch the kids. But, Dan ended up on the red eye and back in town quicker that we thought, so we did a quick kid swap and I headed down to Georgetown to meet up with my fellow Athleta sisters. I’m excited for another year as an ambassador, and I’ve been brainstorming ideas and collaborations for this coming year. And, of course after lunch I popped in to the Athleta Georgetown store to pick up a pair of the new Skyline pants. These pants are so cute! I can’t wait to style them.

In other news, like every week this summer, we’re swimming, swimming, swimming. I’ve tried out a couple volunteer jobs during meets, but I’ve landed on Clerk of Course as my favorite. It is much like herding cats. Specially, herding wet cats of different ages, some who might cry. Ha! No one cried! Well, a few 6 and unders got a little quivery, but my fellow Clerks and I headed off tears. I like clerking because I love the kids. Yes, it’s challenging to get them to listen and sit still and stay in line. But, my love for working with them overpowers the need to repeatedly tell them to sit down. 😉

Moving on, here’s what I’m -ing this week:

Reading All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin. I’m only a little bit in, but so far I’m enjoying it. I finished The Woman in the Window, and it was awesome. Highly recommend.

Checking out P.Volve and the P.Ball. P.Volve is a streaming workout that shapes, tones, and defines muscles. P.Volve is sponsoring my podcast this week and offering 30 days free streaming at If that interests you, go check it out for 30 days free! Your glutes will thank you! HA!

Uploading a new weekly vlog. I love putting together video content. Anything in particular you’d like to see?

Trying out Adobe Rush as a Beta Tester. I love trying new products, so when Adobe put out the call for Rush Beta Testers, I jumped on it. I’ve been testing it out, and so far I’m impressed!

Wondering what I’m going to do with the kids in August when swim team is over…

Running out of IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I’ve tried several BB and CC creams, and this is my favorite. It’s also the most expensive. But, a little goes a long way. I don’t love heavy coverage, just a little bit to cover up hyper pigmentation and acne scars, and this does the trick. It’s definitely a “your skin but better” product.

Loving these Berkinstock Gizah EVA sandals. They are made out of a Croc-like material, which means they clean up like a dream. Just soap and water in the sink. They look fancier than flip flops, and I think they are a more secure open-heeled footwear option. I have the silver pair, and I’ve received numerous compliments.

That’s what’s going on around here – what’s going on where you live? Is it pouring every day? What are you reading?

Around Here Lately // Michael’s First Meet and Taylor Swift

July 16th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “Around Here Lately // Michael’s First Meet and Taylor Swift”

After many nice days in a row, it’s hotter than blazes today! We’ve been lucky since it hasn’t been too terribly hot this summer, but, phew, it was a warm morning at swim practice, and it will be a hot night at tonight’s B Meet.

And speaking of B Meets, Michael swam in his first B Meet last week! He ended up swimming last minute in the Fourth of July Relays, so since he successfully made it across the pool as part of the relay team, we figured he could swim in a B Meet. We asked him, and he said yes! I wasn’t sure if he would end up being too scared to do it, but he surprised us all and enthusiastically made his B Meet debut!

He believes he came in second (#fakenews), but we let him think whatever he wants. He’s proud of himself, and we’re so proud of him!

In other news, we saw Taylor Swift! This was Kate’s first concert, and I took her along with my mom and my sister. It took us over two hours to get there, but Taylor was worth it. She is spectacular! I’ve seen many concerts, but this one ranks up there as one of my favorites. If you can go see her, go. She was well worth it!

This week we aren’t planning to see any famous pop stars. But we are swimming, of course! Here’s what’s been going on around here lately:

Reading The Woman in the Window. I finished Educated last week, and I loved it (it’s hard to read in parts, but I could not put it down).

Watching re-runs of The Office on Netflix. I watched this show when it first came out, but I forgot so much. It’s been fun to watch it again and appreciate the story line anew.

Listening to Forever 35. I love Kate and Doree and their guests. The topic of self-care gets thrown around a lot, and I love how they explore what self care means in different contexts and for different personalities. I was talking to a friend today about being intention setting partners like Kate and Doree are for each other, and I love that idea! Maybe once swim team is over…

Feeling nervous about the fall. I have six weeks left of summer, so six more weeks before life around here changes dramatically. All three kids will be in school every day, all day (meaning from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). I quit my job exactly eight years ago today, so this fall will be the first time in over eight years that I will have a substantial period of time to do…well…I’m not 100% sure, but I’m open to what comes!

Going over and over and over the new choreography for my classes at the gym. I get new material four times a year, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it feels like a lot!

Needing to go through my closet. I’d really love a closet organization system, but that’s not in the cards right now. But I still need to take a look through my stuff and get real about what I actually wear.

Rolling a ball under my shoulder blades because my back and shoulder muscles hurt! I pulled a muscle last week, and it improved quickly, but I still feel tight and achy across my shoulder blades. I’m considering getting a massage, but I’ve never had one, so I’m hesitant!

Eating salads with Tessemae dressing! I LOVE Tessemae’s! It’s the best salad dressing I’ve ever tried. Have you tried Tessemae’s? Do you have a favorite?

Breaking up sibling fight after sibling fight. Or, letting them go at each other like a pack of wolves. I love going to the pool because no one fights at the pool. When we’re at home, the three of them are INSANE. If they aren’t loving each other, they’re going after each other. It’s so draining to listen to them go at it.

Picking up my camera and working on re-starting my weekly vlogs. I love vlogging and making video, but it’s time consuming, and I’m tired from the aforementioned sibling fighting. But, I feel more inspired and more energetic today, so I picked up the camera, and I’m going to work on a vlog for this week.

That’s it for me for this week! Let me know what you’re reading and drinking and eating and thinking about!

Around Here Lately // Heat Wave, Ambulance Ride, and 10 Years Married

July 9th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “Around Here Lately // Heat Wave, Ambulance Ride, and 10 Years Married”

Two weeks ago, Dan and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. We celebrated it in the traditional style of forgetting all about it. HA! At least mostly. Dan did buy me flowers and wrote a sweet note. I realized it was our anniversary when I saw the flowers and note. And then I took our kids to swim practice and their well visits. Ha! We did get out to dinner and saw Ocean’s 8 on Saturday night. I didn’t take any pictures because I was just so thankful to be eating a hot meal I didn’t prepare, could eat with two hands, not get up the entire time, and not have to clean up after.

In other news we’re swimming, swimming, swimming. Kate has swam in each A Meet so far, and she’s placed every time. She’s worked hard the entire year, and she’s put in extra hours with one of the coaches to improve her starts. We’re so proud of her!

In related pool news, Thomas scared the bejesus out of me and everyone else at the pool (and then all of the Town of Vienna) when he jumped into the pool, attempted a twirl, and hit is head on the side of the pool. I grabbed him out of the water immediately, and he never lost consciousness or swallowed water or became disoriented, but it was still scary. The guards call 911, and I took my first (and I hope last!) ambulance ride. Thomas screamed from the moment I pulled him out of the pool until we were safely enclosed in the ambulance. And then he perked up immediately and asked the responder all sorts of questions. Then he asked him if he could drive him BACK to the pool! I mean, honestly!

Thank goodness he’s just fine. But, phew. What a scare. Here’s to no more accidents this summer!

Switching gears, here’s what’s going on around here this week:

Trying out natural deodorant for the first time. I know this has been a thing for a long time, but I’ve resisted because I sweat a lot. A lot, a lot. I just didn’t think any natural deodorant could stand up to my sweat. But then I found a three pack of Schmidt’s Rose and Vanilla scented deodorant at Costco and snapped it up. I’ve only tried it out for one day, but so far, no stink! I’m going to try it all week and report in on IG stories. Let me know if you use it and like it.

Reading Educated by Tara Westover. I’m only a little ways in, but I’m really into it.

Drinking lots of coffee and cold brew from my cold brew maker.

Listening to the new BodyStep and BodyPump on repeat. I need to learn these new moves ASAP, so I’m listening to the music over and over and over again.

Washing endless loads of laundry. We’re at the pool every day, so I’m constantly rotating swim suits and towels, plus, I think we go through more clothes in the summer since we get sweaty.

Teaching Kate the art of cleaning toilets. My kids hardly ever flush the toilet. Why, oh, why?!? This weekend I taught Kate how to clean her bathroom and scrub her toilet. I am so over cleaning up after these kids! My mom used to say: I’m not your maid. I find myself saying that, too!

Swimming each and every day! Last night someone on IG mentioned it’s 5.5 months until Christmas, and I had a mini freak out. I love summer, and I dislike winter. I don’t even like fall because it means WINTER IS COMING. I’m feeling a little sad that swim team is almost over, and we’re approaching half way through summer. I’m trying to look at it as season half full, but since I get panicky about the fall/winter, I’m struggling.

Are you a summer lover or do you hate the heat? Are you also drinking cold brew and washing endless loads of laundry? Have a great week!

Around Here Lately // Swim Team Life Begins

June 4th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “Around Here Lately // Swim Team Life Begins”

Hello, hello! Happy Monday! We had a busy week last week with the start of swim team. Since school is still in session, I feel like I’m in limbo. Half in end-of-school-year mode and half in summer-time mode. I am SO ready for school to be DONE. I’m over being asked to bring things in for class parties and show up to random things during the middle of the day. I bet the teachers are over it, too. Two more weeks and then good bye to all that!

While I’m eager for summer mode, I’m mentally still getting organized. We showed up at the pool with a random assortment of stuff last week. Half a bottle of old sunscreen. A winter hat. Two towels for four people. But by the end of the week, I got our act together a bit. So far, so good, and Kate is enjoying reuniting with many of her pool friends, and I am, too!

Let’s dive in to what’s currently going on around here lately.

Currently celebrating… 

Kate’s eighth birthday today! I remember being eight-years-old. Eight feels like a nice age. Eight feels like a real human person. Like I can have a conversation with her that follows a single train of thought. Tonight we’re having everyone over for an assortment of pasta and salads (her choice), and an Oreo cake (also her choice, and I approve of this pick!).

Currently watching…

Samantha (a.k.a. Happily a Housewife) on YouTube. I’ve been following Sam for years, and I resonate with her content because she also has three kids, also two boys and one girl, also lives in the NoVa area, plus, we share a lot of the same interests. She’s honest and genuine and gives great recommendations and reviews. Go check her out!

Currently listening to…

The Mom Hour. I’ve known Meagan and Sarah for a while now from the blogging world of yore. These two are fun, authentic, and relatable. They cover a whole host of topics related to motherhood (and beyond!) that I think anyone would enjoy.

Currently eating…

Cherries. Cherries cost about $1 million/pound. But they are so good!

Currently drinking…

Spindrift. Costco recently had Spindrift on rebate, and I bought four cases.

Let me know what’s currently going on in your life! Reading any good books? Try any new recipes?


May 30th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “Compressions”

“The most important thing to remember,” he says, “is to keep administering compressions. If you don’t want to do mouth-to-mouth or if you do but you can’t get the chest to rise and fall, just forget about it and go back to compressions. Don’t stop compressions. You need to keep the blood and oxygen circulating to the brain. That will keep your person alive.”

Our instructor proceeds to kneel over the dummy, really, it’s half a dummy, just a head and neck and chest. One of the dummies has a head that keeps popping off. It’s kind of disturbing.

“You’re going to get tired,” he says. “But somehow you will be able to keep going, trust me. Keep going up and down like pistons. You will be amazed at what you can do when you need to do it. Keep that oxygen circulating.”

I’ve got a strong upper body. My toddler weighs over 35 pounds. And when I hold him, he isn’t stationary. He’s wriggling and kicking (and maybe even hitting me on the face). And I’m usually not just holding him, but I’m also holding a purse, Target wares, groceries, etc… I teach BodyPump. I’m strong. I can lift more weight than the men in my class. My arms are like pistons.

Interlacing my fingers, I place my hands over the dummy’s chest. And I pump. And pump. And pump.

“Excellent, Sarah,” he says. “Not too fast, but you’ve got the idea. I’d want you to be around if I ever went down!” he chuckles. “Keep delivering that oxygen to the brain.”

I’m good at this because I’m strong. But also because this CPR class is a metaphor for my life.

As a hybrid work-at-home-mom and stay-at-home-mom who pursues creative work, I work while I mother and mother while I work. I deliver chest compressions to my creative hopes and dreams, circulating that blood, sending just enough oxygen to those creative muscles to prevent them from atrophying. My entire body, not just my arms, ache from delivering compression after compression.

Oh, come on, creative brain! Stay alive! You want to fight! You want to live to write/podcast/create another day! You, do! Keep going, keep going!

Sometimes I do. And I can get just enough oxygen pulsating to keep up. And sometimes I can’t. I’m too worn out from delivering compressions and also helping with second grade math homework while also getting snacks and supervising the boys placing outside and prying Paw Patrol figurines out of the dog’s mouth and hanging up wet clothes clean from the washing machine. All at the same time. And I don’t have capacity to keep up my compressions.

When compressions fail, you need an AED to restart that sucker.

“Assessing heart rhythm…shock advised,” bleats the AED machine.

Yes, AED. Yes. Shock advised.

I want to give up my creative work all the time. Several times a week I peruse job listings, looking for something to do that’s defined and specific. Where I don’t have to come up with something out of nothing. I go as far as cleaning up my resume, polishing that cover letter. And then I stop. Because I don’t know if that’s what I really want.

I love to write. I love to create. So maybe compressing that creative muscle is just the price I pay, part of the job. Like any other job. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean we’re doing it wrong. Maybe that’s just part of the process.

Around Here Lately // Cold Brew Coffee, Feeling Down, and Sunny Days Ahead

May 28th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “Around Here Lately // Cold Brew Coffee, Feeling Down, and Sunny Days Ahead”

Hello, hello! Greetings from hot, humid, and rainy Northern Virginia. It feels like it’s been raining here for days and days on end…because it has! The rain always seems to put a damper on my mood (pun intended). But, honestly, I can’t entirely blame my mood on the rain. For the past several months I’ve felt down. Really, since September. Coming off of the high of a fun summer spent at the pool with friends, watching the kids improve their swimming skills, and not being beholden to homework or school schedules felt so good.

September felt like a slap in the face. Second grade threw us for a loop. The monotony of driving kids two different directions twice a day. And then Thomas broke his femur, and every day I felt like I was hanging by my finger nails on the edge of a cliff. I hesitate to even write that because what I experienced pales in comparison to the trials of others. But I’m trying this things where I accept that my hard is hard and your hard is hard, so, in all radical honesty, during those six weeks I struggled to hang on to my sanity.

After Thomas’s cast came off, I thought I would feel better. And I kind of did, but I kind of didn’t. I built a negative mind space that got so deep, I struggled to get out. And then winter came, a notoriously challenging time for me, and that hole got deeper. Between school stuff, lack of childcare, and the darkness of those winter months, I felt a fog drape over me.

I spent months going through the motions.

Nine months later, the fog is lifting a bit. Through the help of a therapist, my family support system, the change in season (three cheers for the time change!), and consciously working to change those negative thought patterns, I’m feeling better. Some days are better than others. Some hours are better than others! This has been a tough season. There will be other tough seasons. I’m on the brink of a big change in seasons (re: all three kids in school in the fall). But, for now, I’m counting down the days until school is out (just 14!), dragging all my pool stuff up from the basement, and I know sunnier days are ahead!

And now I’m starting a new series where I share what’s currently -ing in my life. I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life! Let me know in the comments on or IG or FB.

Currently reading…

Before Happiness by Shawn Achor and The Broken Girls by Simone St. James. I loved The Happiness Advantage, the first I read from Shawn Achor, so I’m excited to dive into Before Happiness. I love books about happiness! The Broken Girls is creepy. I’m not moving through it as fast as I thought I would, but I’m going to stick with it.

Currently drinking…

Cold brew coffee! I love cold brew in the summer, especially at the pool in the morning. I’ve made it myself in the past with a fine mesh strainer, and it was an onerous process, so I decided to invest in a pitcher made to brew cold brew. They were less expensive than I thought they would be, and I made one batch so far. So far, so good! It feels like it will be a bit trial and error. I think I should do coarser grounds and more of it.

Currently trying…

Nitro! I had my first Starbucks Nitro, and I’m hooked. I had it plain, right from the tap, and it was buttery smooth and delicious. Now, they told me I would be jittery and feel the effects right away. Umm…sorry, you just don’t know me and my tolerance for coffee. I didn’t feel the least bit hyped up, but if you are sensitive to caffeine, be careful. They claimed Nitro is equivalent to five cups of coffee.

Currently watching…

Ali Wong’s comedy specials on Netflix, Nurse Jackie (also on Netflix), and Westworld on HBO. Alli Wong is a riot. I hope she tours around my area in 2019 because I’d love to see her. Wow, Nurse Jackie. This show makes me nervous. Have you seen this show? I didn’t watch it when it was on, but I am cruising through episodes on Netflix. I love the characters and the story, but, oh, boy, it makes me anxious! And Westworld. I mean, what is this show?!

Currently thinking about…

How different life will be in September. All three kids in school?! I am aware that I will not have 40 hours a week to myself. But I will have more than zero, which is the current amount of time to myself. What am I going to do? I don’t know for sure. That makes me so excited! And terrifies me at same time! I haven’t been alone since 2010!

Currently looking forward to…

Swim team starting this week! The swim team families are wonderful, my kids love the pool, and I love going to the pool. I can’t wait to see all our friends and enjoy a summer with no obligations (re: homework or driving kids across town).

That’s what’s going on around here this week. What are you reading and watching this week? Have you tried a Nitro?

A Purposeful Week, Vol. 13 // Spring (NO) Break

March 26th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “A Purposeful Week, Vol. 13 // Spring (NO) Break”

Hello, hello. I hope spring has sprung where you are! Not so much here…

Well, that was from last week. And, yes, it has mostly melted. But it was still a cool 28 degrees this morning! This photo of Thomas sums up my feelings:

Anyway! This week is spring break, and I’m starting down the barrel of three kids at home from today, Monday, until next Tuesday. Knowing that I pulled together a group of gals on Sunday to make wooden signs at Board and Brush. I knew I would need some preemptive self-care before spring (no) break.

This was my first time, and I am obsessed! I’m already planning a date night there with Dan, another gals get-together, and maybe I’ll go alone! I am over the moon for this place. If you have one near you, GO!

I also spent some time watching Call the Midwife. I just love this show. It’s heartwarming, and I love how the show explores all the different facets of love.

Here’s how I sneak in some self-care. I turn on Paw Patrol or a whatever for the kids on the big TV, and I sit with them, but I’m watching my show on the iPad with ear buds. Win-win!

Let’s move on to intentions. Last week I wanted to:

+Pair down my list of commandments to about 12

Nope. I didn’t even get a chance to review my list.

+Work in my Happy Planner Wellness Extension Pack


+Create my dot journal


+Try, try again with the simple habit app

Yes! I did one 5 minute meditation.

+Write up a post about my Tower of Self Care


Okay, moving on to this week. I was about to not even write this post. And I was also about to say I only have one intention since it’s spring (no) break. But I think I can do better that that. Maybe. 😉

Here’s what I’d like to do:

+Create some sort of creativity journal

+Set up a spa like experience in my bathroom


+Finish my commandments

+Write up my manifesto

+Plan a date night with Dan

Here’s my guiding thought of the week for this spring (no) break:

“Be still and know…” from Psalm 46:10.

I’m not religious. But I love this sentiment. It can go so many ways! I tend to not be still because I don’t want to hear my thoughts. But, there is a lot to be known in the stillness….

Have a great week! What are you working on this week?

A Purposeful Week, Vol. 12 // Practice and All Is Coming

March 19th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “A Purposeful Week, Vol. 12 // Practice and All Is Coming”

What can I say? We were a sad group of Hoos over here on Friday night. Sadly, our beloved #1 Seed Cavaliers fell in the first round of the NCAA tournament…to the #16 Seed. Whomp, whomp.

As a fan, I’m proud of this team. This lost did not take away from their incredible season. They’ve been a joy to watch. Their chemistry, athleticism, and dedication showed up in all that they did. And they’re a sweet group of kids to boot. So they lost. And, yes, lost in a big, and some would say humiliating way. But. I am here to say I am no fair-weather fan. You win some. You lose some. And they had to lose on the biggest stage. I commend them, and I hope they don’t hang their heads for too long because they’re accomplishments speak for themselves.

Moving on! Since we were up late Friday night, some of us (Dan, Thomas, Bea, and myself) took a glorious afternoon nap on Saturday. Is there anything like an afternoon nap?! And then we met up with my parents for dinner at a local brew pub. Oh, and I forgot it was St. Patrick’s Day…so it was totally crazy but a yummy dinner. On Sunday we took the kids to see the Harlem Globetrotters. So fun! I’ve never been. It was a blast, and the kids loved it. Definitely worth seeing.

And now it’s Monday, and it’s time for me to set my intentions for the week. This week, I’m using this quote by Guru Pattabhi Jois: “Practice and all is coming.”

I love this quote because it ties in with my word for the year, santosha. To me, santosha is all about acceptance, which is hard for me because I have a lot of ideas, a lot of energy, and I want to see that all come to fruition now. But that’s not how life works.

Here’s how I did with last week’s intentions for my self-care:

+Create a personal list of commandments

I have a HUGE list that I’m currently pairing down…

+Use my Happy Planner Wellness Extension Pack

Boo! I didn’t get to this.

+Start a bullet journal to chronicle lists, ideas, gratitude, and journaling

I didn’t start it, but I did finish the book I bought on how to do it! I read Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide, and I enjoyed her thoughts on keeping a journal, and it’s definitely something I want to do.

+Try Simple Habit app

Nope…but I did work a lot on mindfulness. Every time I felt my brain start down a path that didn’t serve me, I worked hard to notice those thoughts and pick a new way to go.

Her are my self-care intentions for this week:

+Pair down my list of commandments to about 12

+Work in my Happy Planner Wellness Extension Pack

+Create my dot journal

+Try, try again with the simple habit app

+Write up a post about my Tower of Self Care

That’s what I’m doing this week to connect with myself! What’s on your self-care intention list?

Around Here // Thoughts on Mindfulness, Documenting Days, and the Exhale Community

March 16th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “Around Here // Thoughts on Mindfulness, Documenting Days, and the Exhale Community”

Happy Friday! I’m excited to see the Hoos play tonight…at 9:20 p.m. Oh, boy. That’s my bedtime! I will need to take a quick nap, so I can keep my eyes open. How is your bracket going? Even though U.Va. lost it’s 6th Man, I still believe in them! Go, Hoos, go!

I’ve been able to hold on to my mantra this week, so that feels like a win. There were several times when I felt my thoughts drift towards the negative or jealousy or extreme frustration, and I was able to take a good breath and ask myself, is this how you want to feel?

No, I don’t want to feel jealous or angry or frustrated. I want to feel joyous and bright and full of light and spreading warmth. Just realizing what I’m doing and making a conscious choice to feel another way makes me feel 100% better.

Also, reconnecting with writing and my thoughts makes me feel like a whole woman. Honestly, I’ve been feeling dead inside lately. That sounds dramatic, I know. And I know I’m certainly not the only person to go through hard seasons. I’ve been hesitant to share my feelings because I know my hard is no where near the hard of others. But a wise friend told me, your hard is hard, and her hard is hard. And sometimes it helps if we share our hard, and maybe we can feel less alone.

And what’s helped with my writing is joining the new Coffee + Crumbs community, Exhale. I’m always hesitant to join things online, but I was at the point that I would do pretty much anything to get my creativity firing again. So I joined, and I’ve been enjoying it! If you’re looking for a way to fire up those creative muscles, give it a try. I like that it’s month-to-month (or if you’re feeling good about it, you can join for the whole year), so you can try it out and see if it works for you.

I also participated in Day in the Life (hosted by Ali Edwards) this week. I love this project. So often I find I just grind through my days, not paying attention, always watching the clock and counting down until bedtime. This project forces me to see my day through a new lens, literally and figuratively! Ali is hosting Week in the Life in May, and I’m eager to participate in that project, too. I believe I’ve participated every year since…at least 2010. I encourage you to do it, too! You don’t need to document every single second. I find it’s a great way to examine your life and routines.

And now I’m off to pour myself another cup of coffee, enjoy a visit from a good friend, and, hopefully, work on my mindfulness bullet journal! Have a great weekend!

A $43 Paw Patrol Boat and the Kindness of Other Mothers

March 14th, 2018 Posted by Life 0 thoughts on “A $43 Paw Patrol Boat and the Kindness of Other Mothers”

“Just get it. Go ahead. No judgement here.”

Near tears I hoisted a $43 Paw Patrol Sea Cruiser into my Target cart. “Thanks, mamas,” I said, turning out of the aisle with Thomas skipping ahead, pumping his little fists in the air, squealing “yay, yay, yay!”

How did I become this person? This parent who buys a $43 Paw Patrol boat for no reason at all? Well, there was a reason. I wanted to buy myself peace.

Like most people, I had an idea of the type of parent I was going to be before I became a parent. It’s so trite, right? Where all us parents scoff at soon-to-be parents and say (or mutter under our breath) just you wait.

I had an idea of who I would be. Strict, like my parents. Controlling screen time. Never, ever giving in to whining. Certainly no gifts outside of birthdays or Christmas. No way would I bribe my kids.

Almost eight years and three kids later, I do all these things:

+I let my kids eat Cheez Its for breakfast.

+I bribe them.

+I whip out that iPad when I need to buy myself a moment’s peace.

+I pick my battles and give in way more than I thought I would.

+I let them play with the toys at the pediatrician’s office (and they’ve also been known to LICK THE FLOOR.).

+I let them eat food that’s fallen on the ground. Outside.

And, apparently, I buy a $43 Paw Patrol Sea Cruiser when I am willing to pay for a moment’s peace.

So I do all those things. But I also let them be bored and won’t give the iPads. I continue doing what I need to do, laundry, dishes, wiping counters while they scream they are BORED. I tell them I’m not their cruise director, and I listen to the whining and fussing and screaming until they get bored enough to come up with something else to do.

And, yes, sometimes I buy my peace for $43.

And sometimes I feel like I’m the only one. At preschool drop off it sure seems like those moms are better than me. It feels like judgement when my son shows up in shorts when there is snow on the ground because I’m not about to fight about clothes. I’m a bad mom who gives in while all the other moms are enriching their kids and setting firm limits. And I’m over here whipping out iPads and hiding in the bathroom.

But not that day at Target.

That day at Target three other moms stood around me in the Paw Patrol aisle. And I said: “I’m buying this $43 Paw Patrol Sea Cruiser because I need moment’s peace.” And all three of those moms nodded in agreement. “Go ahead,” that one mom said, another mom of three. “Get it, it’s fine. We’ve all been there.” They all nodded in solidarity. And I walked out of Target a boat owner with a content and happy toddler. A more than a few moments peace.

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