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2017 Weekly Vlog #1

January 11, 2017 Uncategorized 0

I’m excited to bring you my first weekly vlog! I’ve been wanting to make this series for a while since…Read More

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Podcast #157 // Erin Loechner on Chasing Slow

I’ve been a fan of Erin Loechner for years, so when her new book, Chasing Slow, landed on my door…Read More

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Bentley and Us

January 9, 2017 Connection, Uncategorized 0

“Do you have a dog?” I choked out between heavy sobs. I had just hung up after a painful conversation…Read More

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Podcast #156 // Meagan Francis on Motherhood and Creativity

I’ve followed Meagan Francis since her days writing at the Happiest Mom and then the Happiest Home, and now I…Read More

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25% Friends // Episode #25 // The Reflection and Intention Episode

Woohoo! It’s our first episode of 2017! +We talk about our reflections on 2016, the good, the not so good.…Read More

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Podcast #155 // Sarah Powers on Writing and Podcasting and Motherhood

I’ve always looked up to Sarah Powers as a writer and as a mothers. So it’s with great honor that…Read More

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On Waiting to Be Ripped Apart

January 2, 2017 Connection, Uncategorized 0

I’m waiting to be ripped apart. Because that’s what happens to people who are seen and put themselves out there.…Read More

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The Yirah of Sarah

January 1, 2017 Uncategorized, Wellness 0

Last year, at this time, my pal Kelsey announced her Year of Kelsey. At the time I was still breastfeeding…Read More

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#reverb16 / Day 31 / Hope

December 31, 2016 Connection, Uncategorized 0

It’s #reverb time! What’s that? Read more here. Prompt for Day 31: Hope. What are you hopeful for in the…Read More

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#reverb16 / Day 30 / Undone

December 30, 2016 Connection, Uncategorized 0

It’s #reverb time! What’s that? Read more here. Prompt for Day 30: What did you leave undone?  Do you intend…Read More