The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast Network

The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast Network

I started podcasting in January of 2013 because I was lonely and wanted to connect with other like-minded creatives. Without a plan or any hope in succeeding, I thought I’d record a few episodes. And then I’d probably quit.

Four seasons later, I’ve recorded over 200 episodes, receive numerous requests per week to be on the show, and I hear from listeners every week about how much they love the show.

That makes me so happy because I love producing these podcasts.

The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast Network features a family of shows that focus on connection, creativity, and community. I created these shows to uplift, inspire, and encourage. I am all about choosing the bigger life and that sentiment is evident in this suite of shows.

The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast Network is made up of two shows: The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast and 25% Friends.

The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast, produced Tuesdays and Thursdays, features interviews with a variety of guests, mini episodes featuring Sarah’s reactions and thoughts covered in the guest interviews, and episodes featuring Sarah’s friends and family covering topics related to relationships and home.

Sarah and Kim Schoenauer host The 25% Friends Podcast. Every other Thursday Sarah and Kim talk about a host of topics, from family to health to habits.

Apply to be a Guest on the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast

If you would like to be a guest on the Sarah R. Bagley podcast, please complete this form. I also take requests for guests. To request a guest, please email me at with the guest’s name, contact information, and why you want to hear from the guest on my show.

Sponsor the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast

The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast is accepting sponsors! I love to work directly with sponsors on creative, informative, fun, and useful ads. I love working with brands and developing strong partnerships. To learn more about working as an advertiser on my show, contact me at

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